I am a Breathing Time Machine

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Chris Slaughter made a note.
5 years ago
Pink Floyd "Time" cover
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Jenny Faye Case made a note.
2 years ago
I had joined the Guild in August and bought two tickets to this show planning to attend with my son, his Partner always travels on NYE for work. Tragically, Derrick died in a car wreck September 19, 2016, so instead of my personal banjo man, I went with his good friend, my Best Friend's daughter, Becca. Derrick had given me a cd of The Carpenter in 2015, so he re-introduced me to the Avetts, his sister and het collegee beau (Mac Inglis of Buffalo Rose) had sung "I Would Be Sad" for me in 2010. So it was bittersweet, being there w/o him. Great way to start the New Year!