What is this all about?

Diehard fans of The Avett Brothers tend to go to a lot of live shows. A pastime for many is keeping track of what shows they have attended, and what songs they've seen performed live, and when. This site helps users keep track of that information very easily, and share it if they like.

Beyond that, it can act is a repository of interesting notes about Avett Brothers shows and songs, and links to video performances from shows.

Where did this site come from?

This Avett Setlist Database and Website were conceived and created in December 2016 by Paul Oehler.

Where did this data come from?

Historic show and setlist data provided by Tim Mossberger.

Why do some older shows have no or few songs listed?

Data is spotty for the early shows. If you can help fill in the gaps, contact one of the administrators!

Who is in charge around here?

The site is administered, maintained, and developed by Paul Oehler and Tim Mossberger.

How can I help?

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Special Thanks

Site Beta Testers
Alison, Tim, Caitlyn, Laurie, Todd, and Shannon

For your extraorindary video work, and for naming your videos consistently so that hundreds of them could be found and linked to without much trouble.

Scott, Seth, Bob, Joe, Tania, Mike, Paul, Travis, Dane, Pete, Mike, Jim, Susie, and everyone else that plays any role in making these shows happen. You came to leave behind the world a better way.