She keeps it simple and I am Thankful for her kind of loving 'Cause it's simple No longer do we wonder If we're together... We're way past that And I've already asked her So in January We're gettin' married She's talkin' to me with her Voice down so low I barely hear her But I know what she's saying, I understand because my heart And hers are the same And in January We're gettin' married And I was sick with heartache, And she was sick like Audrey Hepburn When I met her But we would both surrender, True love is not the kind of thing You should turn down, Don't ever... Turn it down I hope that I don't sound too Insane when I say there is darkness All around us I don't feel weak, but I do Need sometimes for her to protect me And re-connect me To the beauty That I'm missing And in January We're getting married No longer does it matter What circumstances we were born in She knows which birds are singing And the names of the trees where they're Performing In the morning And in January We're getting married Let's get married

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