I am a Breathing Time Machine

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Ileah Fulton made a note.
6 years ago

I took my five year old daughter, ella. Technically it was her 2nd show because she attended her first show at red rocks in 2012 when she was 20 mos old, but first show she will remember. I thought i had made a huge mistake because our seats werent the best & she couldn't see. She was standing on the back of the theater seating for the first few songs as i held her up. There was no way i could keep that up, & she just wanted to dance. 

Satan pulls strings came on, & we made our way to the far left aisle on the side & danced our hearts out. One of the staff members approached & i assumed we would be asked to return to our seats. He asked me, "can she not see?" I replied no, & asked if we cold stand on the small set of steps on the side so she could see. He said yes at first & then said "is it just you two?" I said yes, then he told me to follow him. He took us to the front row & there was a chair along the wall!!! The concert gods blessed us with the best seat upgrade i could imagine! It was beyond special for me & my sweet girl. 

I will never forget that amazing night & the nice staff member who was so kind to us. Not to mention a great setlist, with plenty of room for us to dance! Scott jumped off stage, thanked us for coming & gave us a big hug. During the oncore ella was sitting on the edge of the stage! Bob approached us & gave my girl a banjo pick! (Which she thinks she should use on her Ukelele) ive been to plenty great shows, but that was pure magic for me. Just beyond special, & i hope she isnt spoiled for the rest of her days when it comes to seats.