Don't Push Me Out







Here I am standing, ten feet between us Beside me the door that I just came through Where I walk past an overweight cop in an alley With a beer gut bursting from a bullet-proof jacket Who thinks to himself I've got to get back To the man that I was when I was a dreamer With a partner in crime named Brandi McGill A girl with a love of life bigger than normal Who still wonders when her life will begin Her best friend Maria who seems to have everything Tells her she probably just needs a vacation Away from the stress of her husbands vocation While Maria is talking Brandi is drifting Staring at John who just got the job busing tables To pay for community college An associates degree in x-ray technology John is too old to still be in college He doesn't like class and sometimes doesn't go Long story short his family was broken He was freed from a past life as a kid on skid Row He notices Brandi but stares at Maria Her beauty well-practiced at casting her spell Imagining her naked he spills dirty dishes On the lap of an elderly woman named Belle A lady who won't live to see her next birthday But shares a warm smile regardless of that The mess that unfolds completely surrounds her Not one bit of urgency enters her soul She reaches for Roy, her husband forever In love and connection her small hand he holds And nothing comes of it but a manager's anger Not for the mess but her father's remark About a bad grade that she had as a child So she takes her revenge out by firing John Who now wonders when his life will begin Ain't it confusing to search for the will And learn when you find it that you've lost your way? Long story short he saw a commercial That said that the 20's are the prime of your life But that doesn't seem to be true at this moment As he cleans out his locker and calls his best friend Who's too busy to talk cause he's prepping with lawyers To keep money from his ex-wife, the mother of their only son Who's naturally drawn to guns and sharp objects who now has no father Except for on weekends two times a month No need to worry I'm told we’re protected By the men passing laws in the House and the Senate From people who mix up the truth and reality With movies and games and ridiculous scenarios Long story short, best I can tell, Children can't be left to raise themselves

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