Two AM, the night is clear and cool To be out at this hour, decent folk would tell me I'm a fool But leaving Jenny's arms feels like a sin I wanna run back to her bed and hold her 'til the sun comes up again Have I changed your life? I love you still and I always will Four AM, the night is over soon Her eyes, they shine like diamonds, they glow just like the stars in her old room And I know we make each other mad sometimes But love is behind all of it, and we'll still be in love when pain subsides Now I hope I've changed your life I hope you can be forever with me Three years and counting The three best years of my life But don't confuse our love with memories You know the best is yet to come Two AM, and I'm on my way home I think of no one but you I sing my song for you and you alone And I'm glad you changed my life Now I love you still And I love you still And I love you still

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