I am a Breathing Time Machine

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Colin Waters made a note.
6 years ago
Perfect weather, moon, setlist and night. 
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Krystyal Perdomo made a note.
5 years ago
Surprise concert gift from the company I work for. Front row...amazing show! Met so many wonderful people on this trip.
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Bobby D. Dotson made a note.
4 years ago
Came off the trail for this show, and it was worth the trip the company was fantastic!
Deidre Dietz made a note.
4 years ago
There was an impressive shooting star in the sky during the opening song "Black Hole Sun" which gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes.  It was like Chris Cornell saying, "Hey guys! I'm here with you. "  Amazing!  I often wonder if anyone in the band saw it? I hope so! Other fans commented on social media about it, commenting on how cool it would have been if they were playing Laundry Room when it happened, but I think it was magical timing.